Singapore, 24 November 2011 – The Singapore Ship Sale Form (SSF) has charted new frontiers with its latest move to incorporate a digital editable version of the form through the Charter Party Editor programme by SD Software Developers Ltd (SDSD).

The SSF was officially launched by the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) on 6 January 2011 in response to the Singapore and Asian maritime community’s call for an alternative viable up-to-date sale form which caters to their needs in view of changing bank regulations and increasing maritime activities and maritime arbitration cases in Asia. With effect from 1 November 2011, SMF has given the exclusive rights to distribute the editable version of the Singapore Ship Sale Form (SSF) to Asian Shipowners’ Forum (ASF) for two years.

In its first bold attempt to market the SSF, ASF has since partnered and licensed leading maritime software and tools development and consultancy company, SDSD to distribute the form on its website, for its Charter Party Editor (CPE).

“To date, there are 61 known shipping transactions that have adopted the SSF. SSF has proven to be a viable alternative option next to other widely used forms. As the exclusive distributor of the editable version of the SSF, ASF has spearheaded this initiative to market the SSF and encourage the shipping community, both in Asia and beyond, to use this form as the preferred form of agreement. With over 800 worldwide subscribers to the Charter Party Editor, our partnership with SDSD will elevate the awareness of the SSF and make the form more readily accessible to the industry players,” said Mr Yuichi Sonoda, Secretary General, Asian Shipowners’ Forum.

Many established shipbroking companies and shipping agencies are existing subscribers of SDSD’s CPE which houses a portfolio of nearly 100 available forms. Existing subscribers of the CPE can purchase the right to use the digital form of the SSF for an initial fee of 500 GBP which comes with unlimited use within the year. For the following year, instead of paying another 500 GBP, subscribers would only need to pay a small annual licence fee.

With the availability of the SSF for use on the CPE, subscribers, who are predominantly shipbrokers and their support staff, will be able to customise the form while protecting the original contract wording. The system is expected to be more cost effective for high volume users as compared to other existing charter party editor systems which charge users on a per-use basis. SDSD is currently developing a different version of the CPE that will provide short period (limited time) access to the SSF, thereby catering to the needs of low volume users. The new version of the CPE is expected to be completed in early 2012.

As a key player in the Asian ship broker market, we are pleased with our association with the ASF. SDSD’s CPE has become the industry standard software for ship broking and other maritime companies across the globe, and is used by leading blue chip companies as well as smaller organisations. With our extensive reach and existing client base, we will push the awareness and adoption of the Singapore Ship Sale Form to a higher level.

Mr. Mogens Johansen, Head of Solutions Sales, SDSD

Mr Michael Chia, Chairman, SMF, welcomed ASF’s recent initiative. He said, “The Singapore Ship Sale Form was created to serve the current needs of the maritime community, both in Asia and in the global shipping industry. We are happy that ASF has taken the lead to promote the use of the SSF through the partnership with SDSD. I believe that the inclusion of the editable version of the SSF on the Charter Party Editor, which our ship broking community is familiar with, will help to encourage a higher usage of the form.”

The digital editable version of the SSF will be available at on 24 November 2011. The PDF and word version of the original text of the SSF can still be downloaded at no cost from the official Singapore Ship Sale Form website, Those who are interested to purchase the Charter Party Editor software can contact SDSD’s Regional Sales Manager, Marcus Heng on +65 63250755 or [email protected].

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    It has been estimated that ASF owners and managers control and operate nearly 50% of the world’s cargo carrying fleet.

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